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  • New Army Energy Manager forum on MilSuite
    Common access card (CAC) required

    Check out the Army Energy Managers MilBook group.

    The intent of this page is to be one of the main hubs for Army EM's to share information with each other and get the latest information regarding Army energy managment and programs. The content is driven by the users, so the more the merrier. Please take a look and bookmark the page.

  • Accessing DCS, G-9 ODF SharePoint site
    Common access card (CAC) required

    Here is the short story on access to the page: Access to the DCS, G-9 portal is limited because it is not open to the GAL unlike the IMCOM G4 portal. However, anyone in the GAL can be given access. We worked with the DCS, G-9 SharePoint team to create a custom permissions group which DAIM-ODF has control over. To get the permission group started, we gave them the email addresses in the AEWRS current active users list (as of 08/02/2017). This means that some Army Energy Managers are missing from the permissions group, but most should be able to view the page. Don't have access? Email us.