2023 Secretary of the Army Energy and Water Management Award Winners

Energy and Water Resilience Program Effectiveness

  • U.S. Army Garrison Fort Liberty, North Carolina (U.S. Army Materiel Command) 
    Ms. Audrey Oxendine, Mr. Ray Throop, Ms. Tammy Temple, Mr. Anthony Bryant, and Mr. Jared McCormick
  • U.S. Army Garrison Fort Riley, Kansas (U.S. Army Materiel Command)
    Mr. Jeffrey Williamson, Mr. Michael Kerr, Ms. Hadassa Baker, and Mr. William Younkman
  • U.S. Army Garrison Fort Knox, Kentucky (U.S. Army Materiel Command)
    Mr. Kevin Addison, Mr. David Brown, Mr. Christopher Karlsen, Mr. Jason Root, and Mr. Jim Bradford
  • U.S. Army Garrison Rock Island Arsenal, Illinois (U.S. Army Materiel Command)
    Colonel Todd Allison, Mr. Dean Jordan, Mr. Scott Bach, and Mr. Doug Van Werden

Water Efficiency

  • 88th Readiness Division, Wisconsin (U.S. Army Reserve)
    Mr. Ralph Thorn, Mr. Dustin Dockins, Mr. Bob Munier, Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Wyman, and Colonel Jared Corsi

Innovation and New Technology

  • U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii, Hawaii (U.S. Army Materiel Command)
    Chief Warrant Officer 3 Eric Ross, Sergeant First Class Salvador Avila, Sergeant First Class Deyan Yordanov, Sergeant First Class Brian Beattie, and Mr. Keith Yamanaka

Individual Exceptional Performance

  • U.S. Army National Guard, Virginia: Chief Warrant Officer 4 Christopher Swihart
  • U.S. Army Central (USARCENT), South Carolina: Mr. Jack Peters
  • U.S. Army Garrison Italy, Italy (U.S. Army Materiel Command): Mr. Lyman Parkhurst
  • U.S. Army Garrison Fort Bliss, Texas (U.S. Army Materiel Command): Mr. B.J. Tomlinson
  • Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri (U.S. Army Materiel Command): Ms. Jeannie Belew

2023 FEMP Energy and Water Management Award Winners

The 2023 FEMP Energy and Water Management Awards ceremony was held on 27 March 2024, co-located with Energy Exchange 2024. 

Award Winners:

  • Career Exceptional Service Awards: Lyman Parkhurst, BJ Tomlinson, Jeannie Belew, CW4 Christoper Swihart, Jack Peters
  • Program Award: 88th Readiness Division Energy and Water Program Resilience - Jared Corsi, Thomas Helgeson, Ralph Thorn, Rachel Kemper, Ronald Hovland
  • Project Award: Army Water and Heat System Slip Lining Project - Jennifer Meyer, Peter Marvin, Fred Sandgren, Dave Belanger, Kris Petersen

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